Danisa Cookies Wish You a Prosperous New Year! Danisa Cookies Wish You a Prosperous New Year!


Danisa Cookies Wish You a Prosperous New Year!

Started out as a small local butter cookies workshop, Danisa has come a long way to become the international renowned Danish Cookies brand as it is now. Nowadays, you can find Danisa Cookies from more than 80 different countries and regions (including local Denmark, USA, Japan, etc.), bringing the Danish national treasure to every corner of the world.

Magasin Mall, Copenhagen


Danisa Cookies has always worked closely with Danish government, to promote trade and Danish culture worldwide. Last year, Danisa had participated in many trade events, as well as business conference with Danish officials, including HOFEX, FHA, SIAL, etc.

HOFEX 2017 @Danish Pavillion, HK


DANISA has also been the official sponsor of Badminton Denmark and Denmark Open for years, and was a big part in the historical victory in Thomas Cup 2016.


Danisa Cookies has officially entered Hong Kong market in 2015, striving to provide an excellent alternative cookies choice for Hong Kong consumer. As a people's brand, we always listen, develop, and innovate, to bring the Royal Enjoyment to Hong Kong. Danisa Cookies wishes you a prosperous new year!


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