YYJ HK | Danisa Cookies Official Launch in Hong Kong YYJ HK | Danisa Cookies Official Launch in Hong Kong


Danisa Cookies Official Launch in Hong Kong

Internationally renowned Danish Traditional Butter Cookies brand – Danisa Cookies, has finally arrived Hong Kong. It is produced by “Danish Specialty Foods ApS” from Copenhagen. Danisa cookies are produced by pure butter and premium wheat flour, following heritage recipes through three generations. Started out as a small local butter cookies brand in Denmark, Danisa has become one of the most famous cookies brand around the globe, distributing to over 100 countries and regions including USA, Japan, Singapore, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Far from settle with its success, Danisa continue to look for innovation. For example, Danisa developed a new range of filled cookies, Inspired by tropical ingredients such as pineapple and chocolate. Both range of Danisa Cookies has already listed into ParknShop and CR Vanguard supermarkets. Don’t’ miss out!

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